Women In Business

Last week’s article on Teamwork was one of our top PC Pointers of the last few months. If you missed reading it, you can read the PC Pointer here. While it was well received, there were a shocking amount of people that commented on one of the articles we pulled statistics from. The article is from Fortune Magazine and titled “When Employers Demand More Collaboration, Women Are Saddled With The Extra Work.” The article has many great points and is worth a read, but what really shocked me was the amount of inequality women are still facing in the workplace.

For the first time, I am sending out an email that has article recommendations that I think are relevant and important to the Staffing, Recruiting, and HR industries. Some of these articles have been referred to me, others I have come across myself. It is with great excitement that I get to share not only my own words and tips on the industry but articles that I think are top-notch, featuring quality information and stellar industry leaders.

In the spirit of empowering women in the workplace, here are three amazing articles that will help to shape your opinions of the industry:

Fortune: When Employers Demand More Collaboration, Women Are Saddled With The Extra Work.

Fast Company: The Real Cost of Paid Paternal Leave for Companies

HR Morning: 4 Major Differences Between Female and Male Job Candidates

Let me know what you think about these articles, and if you have any to share!