Workplace Meetings: Tips on Productivity & Efficiency

Workplace meetings are a standard procedure with all companies and help keep employees on task and well-informed. While some feel meetings are essential, others feel they are a waste of time. Yet, all can agree that communication is crucial to run a successful company. Research shows there is significant correlation between successful team performance and meetings. However, it is easy for a meeting to fall into an unproductive state and become too long. Time saved in meetings can give you and your team more availability to focus on the tasks at hand. How can you make the most of out of your business meetings?

Read further for 3 tips for more efficient meetings:

1: Spend more time on the planning.

A common misstep is having a meeting with unclear objectives and goals and you can fall short of reaching your desired collaboration or communication target. While it seems counter-intuitive to spend more time on planning your meeting, it is actually quite beneficial. Consider implementing a meeting template for your team to follow by having one individual as the meeting organizer in the front end to plan out clear objectives with timelines. In turn, you will be more efficient during your meetings. 

2: Attendance list.

Have you ever participated in a meeting and come to realize there is no necessity for you to be there; where it would be much more beneficial if you had not been called away from your work? Just like the planning of the meeting, the attendance list can be crucial. Victor Lipmon, a contributor of Forbes, enlightened the idea: “If you can reduce a half-hour meeting list by, say, four people whose presence isn’t essential, that’s two hours of productive time effortlessly returned to the company.” Having just the right people there will help you stay on track and make the most out of precious work time.

3: Change it up.

There are many different ideas to consider to change up how and where meetings are held. Try holding them outside, weather permitted. If you need a quick catch up, it may be more beneficial for your team to meet virtually. Another change you can incorporate is holding “stand up” meetings, which can be 34% more efficient than a traditional sit down meeting environment.

Ideally, what happens in your meetings should be more important than how often you meet. Spending the time planning the meeting, the attendance list, and what type of meeting you hold can positively affect productivity and efficiency. For additional tips, check out our previous PC Pointer on workplace meetings!