Workplace Wellness Programs Are Here to Stay

How to Do Workplace Wellness Programs Right


Corporate wellness programs provided to employees to promote health and productivity have made leaps and bounds in recent years. Wellness and preventative health benefits are key to help maintain or improve employee health concerns. By heading off health problems, organizations can expect to save on long-term health costs, while watching their staff flourish both in wellness and productivity. These programs are no longer just a “fad” and are here to stay, so how can you implement a wellness initiative to stay current and competitive?


 Read on for 4 tips on workplace wellness programs:


1: Healthy Habits

To establish a healthy office environment, organizations must provide the onsite resources that staff need to make healthy choices. Some simple fixes include getting rid of vending machines with unhealthy snacks, encouraging “walking meetings,” and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. With a general shift of focus on a healthier work environment, the wellness of your employees will thrive both inside and outside of the workplace.


2: Leadership Take the Reigns

Management should lead and participate in office events to help encourage the rest of your team to follow suit. A great way to involve your staff is conducting a “guacamole challenge” where teams compete to make the best healthy guacamole with secret ingredients. Ask your managers to taste test and present the winning team with a FitBit, Apple Watch or even a gym membership. Getting your entire staff engaged while having a great time will help kick off healthy habits swiftly!


3: Stress Reduction

 Stress management is a key component to wellness in the workplace. While some employees may thrive under pressure, employer-sponsored stress reduction programs aid staff in understanding when unhealthy stress is negatively affecting their professional and personal lives. Offer stress management resources such as online reading material, flexible work schedules, and an open door policy to discuss concerns with management.


4: Be Inclusive

 Be mindful of the programs you put together for your team by making sure they’re available and accessible for all of your employees. There are many legal issues and compliance requirements that are relevant to wellness programs. For more information on how to develop and manage an inclusive wellness program, click here.


Stay open-minded and receptive to feedback as you develop your wellness program over time. Continue the ongoing development of work site wellness to shape the culture of your office as special and successful. Remember that wellness isn’t just a trend and is here to stay!



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